Saturday, April 09, 1988

I find a book about painting called I Paint the Moon With Glass and I think about giving it to M. B. I open it and there are examples of how to paint various lettering styles and many pictures, in grainy ‘50s Life Magazine-style color, of raw meat and wood. Meat on wooden cutting boards. The center of the book is a two-page spread picture of a cocktail party where there are about a dozen men holding drinks in various pastel-colored suits, wearing bird masks over their heads. Each head is an elaborate and colorful exotic bird's head. There is a caption below the picture. The caption says, "Coffee and cigarettes are most popular for breakfast."

Wednesday, March 16, 1988

A bunch of thugs come over to a house I am alone in, which it turns out I am taking care of for the L’s. I think they are gone and I'm hanging out downstairs with Matt and Nat and John and Rich, smoking pot. The thugs come back and ride their dirt bikes in the yard. We all go up to get them to leave. "I'll be polite, though," I said, but they were gone. Now they were downstairs playing with our microphones and PA equipment. I tell them to leave, very politely. As they hand me the equipment, I see one put a lit cigarette into another one's coat pocket. I wonder if he will notice or if his coat will catch fire. He notices. C. W. is also there, checking to make sure they don't steal anything.