Saturday, March 21, 2015

Had a dream about some over-the-hill singer-songwriter, a James Taylor–type, except maybe a little darker. He had decided to officially retire, to declare that he was done with it all. In the dream this seemed both poignant and somehow heroic. His name was Ben Crenshaw.

He was listening to some of his old recordings, ceremoniously, maybe for the last time. His songs were great. One of them had the following refrain:

Cryin’ and gettin’ high

Cryin’ and gettin’ high

Thursday, March 05, 2015

I was trying to seduce Meryl Streep. This involved visits to her home—maybe we were dating, or we were friends and there was the possibility we’d soon be more than friends. I was highly conscious of her brilliance as an actor, and when I was near her I felt something like electricity. In the dream she appeared young and slender, the way she looked in “The Deer Hunter” maybe, although I was conscious of her as an older woman, as she is in real life.