Monday, July 14, 2014

Someone at work took my chair. My spot was at a round table with a few coworkers, with similar tables nearby. I asked the others at my table, Who took my chair? They looked at me blankly. Then I got up, enraged, and yelled, "Who took my chair?!" Someone at another table got up and returned it, a bit contrite. I wondered whether I'd been too harsh and demanding, whether I'd violated a rule of decorum. I muttered something conciliatory, like "That's OK." I was hoping I wouldn’t get fired for being too angry that someone took my chair.

I woke up believing it was Sunday, but it was Monday.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Had a final exams dream. The school was a sprawling, multistory building I didn’t recognize. In the center of it was a room in which rested the dead body of Mr. Pride, my late art teacher from high school, naked and somehow perfectly preserved. As usual, I fretted about how I’d do, not having shown up for class, not lately anyway, not having done my reading, and not having understood much, quadratic equations for example. I perused my notebooks and was amazed at the elaborate doodles in the margins, some of which suggested entire graphic novels. I felt a pang of regret and thought, Why don’t I do these anymore?