Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I was hanging out with comedians, including Jay Leno. I shouted a joke at some point, something about the fact that they were comedians, the fact that Jay Leno was there. I don't know why I shouted it. I seemed to be removed from them somewhat, like in another part of the room. It was time for everyone to leave. I got into an elevator with two or three of them. Someone brushed the front of my pants and I said, "Did someone just touch my penis?" thinking this was very witty, and immediately the elevator stopped with a jolt. One of the others pressed a button and it started up again.

I needed to get back home to Storrs from Hartford. I got on a bus that was crowded with rowdy people. After it began on its way I asked the driver if she was going to Storrs. "No," she replied. "We're going to Bethlehem." We agreed to drop me off at the next gas station.