Saturday, February 02, 1991

Dreamt that the first time I met C. D. he was looking for a spoon to eat a big steak and kidney pie. Also about hanging out with J. L. Got into a huge argument about whether "Sandinista" was better than "American Beauty." I was arguing for the latter, insisting, "It's a matter of taste!" J. L. said, "It is not a matter of taste!" I said, "OK, so I'm right and you're wrong!" We went to the record store, University Music, which was actually this incredibly sleazy sort of porn/novelty shop with Frank, the owner, dressed S&M style. He also happened to sell bones, which I was interested in. J. L. recalled when there were prostitutes at this place, hanging out near the pinball machines. One machine was called "Hooker Salmon." I played the game but it accepted pinballs instead of quarters. I put in two pinballs and woke up.