Saturday, November 05, 2005

I was in a subway train on my way to work. J. P. was there too – for some reason we had the same commute, and this seemed normal. I sat facing him and behind his head was a partition leading to where the conductor sat. I could see out the front window of the train. We were traveling through the hilly outskirts of some unknown, vaguely European city. There were many, many yellow houses perched on the hills, overlooking the valley of the train tracks. Yellow houses glowing in the morning sun. J. P. said, "Are you going to be in one of those moods again?" referring to my occasional dark moods in the office. "As a matter of fact, no," I replied sort of brightly. I looked down and noticed I was wearing socks but no shoes. I stood up and did a sort of shtick for J. P. and the conductor and a woman who was now standing there about what a fool I am, I got up and got dressed and everything, left the apartment – no shoes! I envisioned having to buy shoes from a shoe store across Canal Street from the office, a store which only existed in the dream.