Friday, June 29, 2007

Dreamt that I was living in an apartment with two Arab-American guys. They were friendly stoner types. But one day one of them told me that while I was gone of their friends who was quite devout came by. He had discovered among my belongings a videotape that mocked Islam. They had watched it together and he was so outraged that he decided I must die. I had never watched and only had a dim memory of its existence. I remembered that my friend Kevin must have brought it by. It was some kind of weird underground movie of women fucking in Burkas, Muhammad lampooned, anything to rile up an Islamist.

I protested urgently and pathetically. "No," they said. "He's going to kill you and there's nothing we can do."

I ran away awhile. I was agitated, and angry at Kevin. Eventually I found myself back home. Except it was different now. It was the apartment on Clubhouse Circle where my family used to live. I was alone there, but I sensed the two guys and their extremist friend closing in. I saw them pull into the parking lot. I reached for the phone and had a dreamlike hard time dialing 911. I finally did and fumblingly told the operator where I was. And that was it.