Friday, January 16, 2009

I was at a concert. At first it seemed like a Dead concert but then it became some lame jam band. A waitress circulated with a tray of snacks. The band performed a version of "The Music Never Stopped" that featured a rapper. I was concerned about the location of my bag, which contained my laptop. Someone had moved it but everything seemed to be there.

I was somewhere else. It was a football Sunday. I saw flashes of games and scores on TVs overhead, like at a sports bar.

I was talking to Jay L. about his military days. Then he was driving a car and I was in the passenger seat. Some family members were in the back - possibly Jesse, possibly Sally. Jay become confused and sleepy and began to lose control of the car. We were accelerating and veering to the side. I told him to let me have the wheel, let me use the pedals. His foot was entangled and I couldn't get past it to step on the brake.