Thursday, July 07, 2011

I was in a weird city - maybe just a weird version of New York City - hanging out with Larry David. Actually, I was hanging out with someone else, at a bar, and Larry strode in. I was immediately hyperconscious of his presence - I wanted to interact with him. I wanted him to want to interact with me. More than anything, I wanted to make him laugh.

I was telling a friend some joke about how funny it was that he felt like having a drink. Because he was in a bar! Get it? Here you are, wanting a drink, wanting a beer. A little down in the mouth. And you're in a bar. Ha!

I was speaking a little too loudly. Hoping Larry David would notice. And then he did. He smiled that crooked smile he has when he's amused and walked over.

I launched into a shtick about the travails of men, of gently aging men such as ourselves. I said that when a man peers into the abyss, really confronts the truth, what he sees - what he must come to terms with - is the increasing unlikelihood that any woman will want to have sex with him. That's despair! That's the darkness of the soul!

Larry David and I howled with laughter.