Sunday, January 04, 2015

A work dream in which I was concerned that everyone thought I was weird. The workplace was a vast outdoor park, with employees sitting in groups, like at a concert. I had a boom box that I loaned to a coworker, a young woman. For some reason, we used it in our work. I crouched in front of her and explained that I'd need it back tomorrow morning. She indicated the group beside her and said, "They're drinking beer and shots," and I turned to them and made a plaintive, shrugging gesture, like, "Where's mine?" and one of them handed me a glass of beer and a shot, which I drank. I stood up, said bye to the woman and thanked the others, thinking that the interaction had gone well and that I wasn't too much of a freak. Later, the woman gave a speech to the entire agency and I realized that she was an important person, a higher-up. I tried to appear to be listening dutifully, standing among coworkers.

I also dreamt about eating at an outdoor table at a restaurant in France with my dad and Jesse.

Later, I was in a group of people at a swimming pool, possibly taking lessons. The instructor had us get into an adjacent hot tub. There was a feeling of airy conviviality. John D., Pat C. and Mark B. were there. I was happy to see them. We swam laps.