Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I dreamt I was on a cruise ship, possibly with a stop in Hawaii. Sara was there, some friends too. David Lee Roth was aboard. I looked around for guitar picks for him to sign—for some reason. Then he shaved my head, but did a terrible job. My scalp was patchy, and even had clumps of long hair in places, like white-boy dreadlocks. I perceived his poor job as a personal slight, an indication that he didn’t consider me cool. I challenged him to a game of pool, telling him, “I’ll kick your ass.” Soon we were playing, but of course as this was a dream the balls were different sizes and there were all kinds of weird objects on the table, in the way of my shots. Then I was sitting in a circle with Meryl Streep and some others. We had all acted with her, and were gathered around her somewhat reverently. Later, my mom got off the boat with us (with me and Sara), and accompanied us home.